30 Year Anniversary Exhibition


30 Year Anniversary Exhibition
March 10 – 28, 2015



In 2015, Lisa Sette Gallery celebrates three decades exhibiting pioneering contemporary art in Arizona. The gallery will commemorate its anniversary with a March exhibition of contemporary art luminaries from near and far. The Lisa Sette Gallery 30th Anniversary show promises to delight followers of contemporary art and devotees of gallery founder Lisa Sette’s adventurous and discriminating curatorial eye.

In the art world at large, Lisa Sette Gallery’s 30th anniversary is cause for celebration, as its enduring commitment to aesthetic experimentation, and an unflinching engagement with up-and-coming international artists, has proved a template for success in the creation of a lasting contemporary cultural institution.

Lisa Sette Gallery offers the art world a sense of self—a considered reaction to the circumstances of time, beauty, and geographical place. Rather than distancing itself from what it means to live in a desert city, the Sette aesthetic embraces this idiosyncratic existence; nearing the edge of the hemisphere, simultaneously exhilarating and precarious, and fertile ground for contemporary artwork.

As seen over the past 30 years, and most recently in its expansion and move to the Beadle building on East Catalina Drive, Lisa Sette Gallery exemplifies a striking contemporary trajectory: toward the transcendent and the supremely centered, geographically defined and aesthetically advanced.


Artists include: Diane Arbus, Damion Berger, Rachel Bess, Enrique Chagoya, Kim Cridler, Binh Danh, Claudio Dicochea, Angela Ellsworth, Maximo Gonzalez, Alan Bur Johnson, Jessica Joslin, Siri Devi Khandavilli, Mark Klett, Mayme Kratz, David Kroll, Carrie Marill, Matthew Moore, Marie Navarre,  Gregory Scott, Julianne Swartz, Jennifer Trask, James Turrell, and Xawery Wolski.